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YPG: 15 villages, 16 hamlets liberated in Kobanê and Cizîrê

11 June
16:41 2015

NEWS DESK (DİHA) - YPG Press Office has issued a statement regarding the operation of the YPG/YPJ forces launched yesterday in the southeast parts of Kobanê and reported that 7 villages have been liberated in the area. Concerning the ongoing Operation Commander Rubar Qamishlo in the western parts of Cizîrê canton, YPG reported that 8 villages and 16 hamlets have been cleansed of the gangs.

YPG said the military campaign Operation Commander Rubar Qamishlo, which has been launched to liberate the rural areas and villages in the western parts of the Cizîrê canton, successfully continues in its 36th day, adding that YPG/YPJ forces last night inflicted heavy blows on the gangs around the town of Siluk, and liberated 8 villages and 16 hamlets in the area. The names of the village liberated last night are as follows: Resim, Gulê, Berkevir, Çêlek, Hawiz, Heşîşiyê, Meqer, Esal and Rojhilat. YPG said the number of the casualties could not be verified but corpses of 3 gang members were seized by the resistance forces in addition to some amount of ammunition.

Concerning the resistance in Kobanê, which is now in its 269th day, YPG said the operation launched by the YPG/YPJ forces yesterday in the south-eastern parts of Kobanê canton has been successfully completed, while the villages of Fêleh, Hêymir, Ebû Sirê, Suwahan, Lûtka, Bozê Kerzê and Girê Kêlê have been liberated in the scope of the operation. YPG said the number of casualties could not be verified; adding that large amount of ammunition of the gangs was seized by the resistance forces.

The statement said 3 YPG/YPJ fighters have fallen in the clashes that took place in this operation.

YPG went on reporting that ISIS gang groups launched an attack on Qirat village to the south of Kobanê yesterday noon, adding that the attack was repulsed and at least 3 gang members were killed by the YPG/YPJ forces. YPG also reported another attack of the gangs on the village of Sîna, which was immediately responded by the YPG/YPJ forces, leaving 1 gang member death and forcing others to flee away.

YPG further stated that gang groups also launched attacks on two Bîrerep villages to the east of Kobanê. 1 armoured vehicle of the gangs was destroyed, while 20 gang members were killed in the clashes, according to the YPG statement, which also noted that the corpses of 3 gang members were seized.

YPG finally reported that the YPG/YPJ forces carried out an attack on the gang groups stationed on the other side of Euphrates River, targeting a mobile vehicle in the area of Newala Hecî Elo. The vehicle was destroyed with the gang members in it, while the exact number of casualties could not be verified, ended the YPG statement.


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