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YPG: 30 ISIS gangs killed in Kobanê

25 June
20:31 2015

KOBANÊ (DİHA) - YPG Media Center informed the public on today’s ISIS attacks on Kobanê and said that 30 gang members have been killed in the clashes so far.

YPG Media Center stated that ISIS gangs attacking Kobanê city center exploded a vehicle near the Mürşitpınar border gate at 04:40 this morning. Soon after this attack, gang members attacked the Kaniya Kurda neighborhood, the Doctors Without Borders hospital, Botan neighborhood, and Hacı Reşat Mosque.

Dressed in FSA outfits, ISIS gangs randomly attacked civilians but were soon repelled by YPG-YPJ forces. YPG reported that YPG-YPJ fighters encircled ISIS gangs in four different locations and continue to expulse these groups.

YPG Media Center stated that the ISIS attacks targeting the villages of Berxbatan and Zerik began around 05:30 this morning and was met with a strong YPG resistance that resulted in the killing of 30 gang members so far.

Operations around Ayn Îsa ongoing

YPG also stated that the liberation of Ayn Îsa as part of the Commander Rubar Qamışlo Initiative continues in full force. As part of this initiative, 2 villages were liberated from the gangs and 6 gang members were killed.


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