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Turkish soldiers attack people of Roboski once again

8 July
08:27 2015

ŞIRNAK (DİHA) - Turkish soldiers have continued attacking the people of Roboski. Opening fire on villagers with guns, soldiers also insulted the local people of the village where 34 people, mainly children, were killed in an airstrike of the Turkish army on their way back from cross-border trade on 28 December, 2011.

The residents in the village had no moment of peace ever since. Following yesterday's attack with tear gas and real bullets, Turkish soldiers have today once again attacked the Roboskî residents who organized a march to Şirik Plateau in order to protest the increasing pressures, the massacre of mules, and the ban on accessing Şirik Plateau in the village.

HDP Şırnak MP Ferhat Encü and the press members accompanying him were also insulted and assaulted with tear gas in the attack of the soldiers.

'We will continue our protests and not migrate'

Yesterday's attack by soldiers who prevented the villagers from marching to Şirik Plateau and attacked them, left İsa Encü wounded, upon which he was taken to Uludere State Hospital and later transferred to Şırnak State Hospital.

In the face of the ongoing attacks, the villagers in Roboski stated that they will not leave the Şirik Plateau despite being forced to migration, and that they will keep their protests going as long as the repression on them continues.


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