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Demirtaş: Government is directly responsible

20 July
18:32 2015

NEWS CENTER (DİHA) - HDP Co-President Selahattin Demirtaş evaluated the massacre in Suruç to Med Nûçê and said that the attack could not be organized without the support of the Turkish state.

Demirtaş said that the transitional government was directly responsible for the attack, and AKP had to prove and clarify whether it was with or against ISIS. Demirtaş condemned the massacre, offered condolences to the families of those who were killed, and called on civilians to take necessary security precautions everywhere.

Demirtaş described the bombing as a carefully planned attack aiming to intervene in recent political developments. Demirtaş noted that the attack targeted revolutionary youth showing Internationalist solidarity on the anniversary of Rojava Revolution and aimed to give the message that the revolution would be dissolved at all costs.

Describing Suruç as the symbol of solidarity and resistance in Turkey, Demirtaş said that the attack aimed to break the will of the people. Demirtaş stated that more than 30 people lost their lives, and HDP parliamentarians and administrators were with the injured people receiving treatment in hospitals.

Probable suicide bombing

Demirtaş said that one body was completely torn apart and the attack was a probable suicide bombing. Demirtaş said that the attack took place despite the intensive intelligence activities in the region, and announced that a coordination unit was formed by HDP, DBP, HDK and DTK in order to tend to the wounds of injured people. Demirtaş also announced that the HDP Central Executive Committee would meet in Ankara tomorrow.

'Civilians should take security precautions'

HDP Co-President called on civilians to take necessary security precautions everywhere in order to prevent further attack attempts, and announced that HDP Co-Presidents would be in Suruç in the near future.

'Transitional government is directly responsible'

Demirtaş said that ISIS may have carried out the attack, but the transitional government was directly responsible for the attack. Demirtaş recalled that the state turned a blind eye to ISIS mobilization within Turkey and showed its sympathy for ISIS when it described YPG as a more dangerous organization. Demirtaş criticized Ankara government for its silence towards ISIS and threats against HDP, and said that attacks like these would not force them to give up on their principles of peace, democracy, and justice. Demirtaş called on everyone to increase solidarity and take precautions against possible acts of ISIS barbarism.

'Massacre required state support'

Demirtaş stated that intelligence activities were intensive in Suruç and the state recorded the identity of everyone who traveled to and from Suruç. Recalling that his convoy was not permitted to enter Suruç recently, he emphasized the extent of state surveillance in the town and said that nobody could argue that one person managed to infiltrate into the crowd and carry out the suicide attack without state support.

'AKP must clarify its position'

Emphasizing that AKP had to clarify its position on ISIS and prove whether it was for or against ISIS, HDP Co-President recalled the state’s description of PYD as a terrorist organization and said that it was impossible to expect a fight against ISIS from state officials who has recently made such statements regarding PYD.


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