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516 people treated in hospitals in Ankara

11 October
09:08 2015

ANKARA (DİHA) - A total of 516 people are being treated in hospitals across Turkish capital Ankara where twin blasts have left at least 120 people dead earlier today.

The bloody bomb attack targeted the area of thousands who gathered outside Ankara railway station for a peace rally organised by KESK, DİSK, TMMOB and TTB.

While the first explosion occurred amid the HDP cortege, it was not ambulances but riot police forces that rushed to the scene where they attacked the people with tear gas as they were still in the shock of the incident.

Turkish officials have in the meantime claimed that there was no security gap or weakness in question while dozens of people died in the heart of the Turkish capital in the biggest massacre of recent years.

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said ISIS, PKK, MLKP and DHKP-C were among the suspects with regards to the terror attack which occurred on the very same day the Kurdish movement declared inaction on condition that no attacks are carried out against the Kurdish movement, people and guerrilla forces.

KCK said this decision was made in consideration of the calls made for a truce from both inside and outside Turkey as the conflict gets heavier and the AKP resorts to a lie that the Kurdish movement threatens the security of elections, also trying to cover the causes of the war it has started.

The statement said that; “During this process, our guerrilla forces will avoid conducting planned actions, will be engaged in no activities apart from maintaining its current position, and make no attempts to hinder or harm the exercise of a fair and equal election.”


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