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Cizirê Canton Co-president: We'll enhance struggle against attacks

11 December
20:13 2015

TIL TEMIR (DIHA) - A delegation from the autonomous administration of Cizirê Canton visited Til Temir city of Rojava which was hit by triple bomb attacks at three separate locations Thursday evening. 25 people were killed and 122 others were wounded in the series of attacks that targeted the civilian population.

The delegation involves Cizire Canton Co-President Hediye Yusif, Democratic Autonomous Administration executives Abdulkerim Saruxan, Rezan Gula, Remziye Mehmud and Dijwar Ehmed. Cizirê Canton Co-pesident Hediye Yusuf offered condolences to the families of the victims and the peoples of Rojava and Syria, and wished a speedy recovery to the wounded.

Yusif drew attention to the accomplishment of Democratic Syria Assembly formed at a congress in Derîk city on 8-9 December, stressing that enemies of the peoples cannot tolerate the co-existence of Kurdish, Arab, Syriac and Assyrian peoples.

“The gangs and the forces behind them want to intimidate our people by means of attacks and mass killings. If this path is leading us to freedom and democracy, then we welcome death with a smile.”

'Attacks are threatening co-existence of peoples'

Yusif said they actually did not expect the gangs to remain inactive in the face of the gains made against them in Rojava, and strongly condemned this “massacre which targeted the gains of our people”, attributing it to the Derîk congress where Kurdish, Arab, Syriac Assyrian and Turkmen peoples demanding a democratic Syria agreed on establishing an assembly to represent the will of peoples and their commitment for fraternity. She commented on the bloody attacks as a message threatening the co-existence and living areas of peoples.

'We are not a folk afraid of death'

Cizirê Canton Co-president added; "The gangs think they will be able to intimidate our people and break their will by means of these attacks. We are not a folk afraid of death. We will resist as a response to their attacks and massacres. We will continue giving a freedom struggle and strengthen our unity further. No power will ever manage to stop this success of ours."


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