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'Civil Defense Units' established in Nusaybin

26 December
18:54 2015

MARDİN (DİHA) - In Nusaybin district of Mardin which has remained under a curfew six times in recent months, youths have announced establishment of YPS (Civil Defense Units) to defend their neighborhoods and repel the attacks by state forces.

Announcement of 'YPS Nusaybin' comes after yesterday's announcement of Botan Civil Defense Units in Cizre district of Şırnak.

Establishment of YPS Nusaybin was announced through a statement which stressed that self-governance is a step declared against the occupant Turkish state's policies of assimilation and genocide implemented across the cities of North Kurdistan during the year of 2015.

Describing self-rule as protection of existence and will, the statement by YPS Nusaybin said the followings; "The occupant state has wanted for years to annihilate the Kurdish people within the scope of a displacement, physical and cultural genocide policy which continues today with a fascist aggression on the will of the Kurdish people. In response to these attacks, our people are improving their self-defense under the leadership of women and youths. The occupant Turkish state has been making efforts for years now to break the Kurdish people's will and eliminate them through an evacuation of villages, unidentified murders, arrests and torture. Innocent people have been murdered on these streets up to date. Thousands of people were put in prison for reclaiming their language and culture. Civilians were targeted by aerial strikes. If this is not terrorism, then what is it? And today, children, women and elderly are being murdered in the streets of Kurdistan. Kurdish people's self-defense, which is a most legitimate right, is being alleged as terrorism. Despite belonging to the Kurdish people, this struggle is also for the people of Turkey and humanity. Turkey's public opinion and the world shouldn't remain silent on these barbaric attacks."

Saluting the popular resistance in Farqin, Cizre, Silopi, Dargeçit, Sur and Derik, YPS-Nusaybin greeted and establishment of YPS-Botan.

YPS-Nusaybin vowed to enhance the struggle under the roof of YPS-Botan on the basis of communal and democratic values and for the freedom of Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan, and defend the people against the attacks of the occupant state.

The statement ended with a call to all the Kurdish people, especially women and youths, to join the ranks of Civil Defense Units and protect the will of the people.


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