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QSD: Southern Kobanê liberated entirely

30 December
22:26 2015

KOBANÊ (DİHA) - Syrian Democratic Forces (QSD) General Command has released the balance sheet of the Tishreen operation started to liberate ISIS-occupied areas in the south of Kobanê region on 23 December.

Accordingly, an area of 640 square kilometer, 100 villages and hamlets have been liberated in the operation, while 210 members of gang groups have been killed. Syrian Democratic Forces (QSD) Spokesman Telal Alî Silo announced the balance sheet of the operation at a press conference at Tishreen Dam.

'Operation was demanded by our people'

QSD Spokesman Telal Alî Silo recalled that Syrian Democratic Forces launched this operation upon a call by the people living in ISIS-occupied areas, and as part of their goal of establishment; to fight ISIS in whole Syria, liberate people from ISIS atrocity, build a democratic, pluralist and free Syria.

Southern countryside of Kobanê liberated entirely

Silo stated that the operation was conducted from two sides; one of which liberated and area of 37 km until reaching Tishreen Dam, while the other liberated 26 km area. Within the next two days, both groups reunited in the east of Tishreen Dam after liberation of all the villages in the south of Kobanê region.

After the liberation of Tishreen Dam on 26 December, QSD forces secured a number of occupied villages and hills in Mesakin area on the banks of the Euphrates River. While the mines and bombs planted by gangs in this area were defused, all the workers held hostage by ISIS were freed, but one of them was martyred by the gangs.

Management of dam handed over to Energy Council

Vowing to defend the Tishreen Dam, Silo said they handed over the management and responsibility of the dam to Kobanê Energy Council for an equal distribution of generated power to all the regions.

List of forces involved in operation

Spokesman Telal Alî Silo said the operation has accomplished as had been planned, and listed the following forces under Syrian Democratic Forces that participated in the Tishreen Operation;

- People's Defense Units (Yekîneyên Parastina Gel, YPG),

- Women's Defense Units (Yekîneyên Parastina Jin, YPJ),

- Shams Al-Shamal Brigades,

- Jaysh Al-Suwar (Revolutionaries' Army, Artêşa Şoreşgeran),

- Combined Brigades of Euphrates-Jarablus (Kombûna Tugayên Cizîrê and Kombûna Tabûrên Firat-Cerablusê)

- Syriac Military Council (Meclîsa Leşkerî ya Suryanî)

- Lîwaa Al-Tehrîr (Freedom Battalion)

- Combined Brigades of Cizire (Kombûna Tugayên Cizîrê).

The operation was also supported by Asayish (Public Security) Forces, Self-Defense Forces (Erka Xweparastinê) and Popular Defense Forces (HPC).

Operation accomplised

Telal Alî Silo stated that the operation was conducted in coordination with international coalition forces against ISIS, and has accomplished as had been planned.

219 gang members killed

Silo said 219 ISIS members were killed and corpses of 178 were seized by QSD forces as they liberated 100 villages and hamlets.

7 QSD fighters and 2 Asayesh members lose their lives

Silo reported that 7 combatants of QSD forces and 2 members of asayish forces supporting the operation were martyred as they fought bravely against the gang groups.

Describing the Syrian Democratic Forces as a national force, Silo emphasised that; "Gang groups serving as the sub-structure of external powers aim to harm the fraternity and co-existence of peoples, and make the Kurdish, Turkmen, Syriac, Assyrian and other folks confront each other. Our objective, on the other hand, is to strengthen these fraternal ties and liberated Syrian lands under ISIS occupation."

Telal Alî Silo said they dedicate the accomplishment of this operation and all the future ones to all the martyrs, those wounded in the battle, their families and all the peoples of Syria. Silo lastly called upon all the youths to join the ranks of Syrian Democratic Forces.


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