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Lates news from Mazlum Dolan

17 February
23:24 2016

Our reporter, Mazlum Dolan, is trapped in Sur district of Diyarbakir, by the 78 days long curfew.Today morning he contacted us with two messages. He has found refuge together with other Sur families and at 12:56 he informed us:

"Situation is very bad, we are in a very poor conditioned basement. I'm together with the families, and soon it can happen like in Cizre. The attack is very severe. Where we are, they are bombing us with tanks, announcing to us that we will be all killed. Take care and greetings."

With a second sms at 14:57 he reported that :

"There are people injured, some of them in serious condition. Exactly where I am there are 30 people; in other places there are 200 people, between them babies and elderly people. I cannot charge the cellphone."

From his messages we understand that they are in a life-threatening situation. Still we hear the calls for help of those who died in Cizre basements.

Our friend Rohat Aktaş, journalist of Azadiya Welat newspaper, in his last report from inside a Cizre basement was saying:

"They are bombing the building for making it collapse. 4 injured died, because they had no medical care. There is no electric and no water. Civilians are not allowed to come. The state wants to slaughter us. It's a crime against humanity. Kurdish people should stand up."
That was last news from him before everybody was killed.

For not having in Sur the same experience as in Cizre, we have to listen Mazlum Dolan. We are worried about the life of those trapped in Sur basement. We don't want to tell news about people dying; we want to tell news about people living. Before it is too late, let's be all together and do something.


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